But sentences – blazing sentences strung together like a million firecrackers? The kind that gets people talking and leaves them wanting more?

That’s thrilling, sexy stuff.

The name is Apryl. I’m a freelance business writer and communications strategist. I collab with corporations + passionate entrepreneurs to make lasting impressions and propel people to open their wallets.

No matter the project on your plate, I’ll help you write in a way that turns skeptics into believers and prospects into paying clients. I can be as goody two-shoes or Billy Badass as you need me to be, woo corporate bigwigs or drop a few swear words for special effect – whatever you want.

I’m here to enhance, not cramp your writing style.

By the way, I don’t just sling seductive sentences as a hobby. I’ve got 15 years of business writing and copywriting experience and a couple of degrees to boot. When you’re ready to deliver a powerful message, attract a community of raving fans, or crawl inside people’s heads and pull out what they really want, call me.