Is Your Small Business Laced With Words That Sell OR Words That Repel?

If you:

  • Run a teeny, weeny business of one (that’s you hustling to bring in less than $200k a year)
  • Know your business inside out (I define this as being a “superstar at what you do”)
  • Have been desperately trying to sell your brilliant services (but your sales ain’t nothing to write home to mama about)!

You Need To Stop Lurking in the Internet Shadows
& Start Writing Like a B.O.S.S.



Because if you want to attract the best clients, make more sales and take bucket loads of cash to the bank every single month:

  • It’s not (only) about writing a “look-at-me-because-I’m-the-best” About Page (bragging sells when you do it the right way)
  • It’s not (only) about whipping out your thesaurus and flooding your website and sales page with colorful verbs and adjectives
  • And it’s not (only) about stringing together a few snappy, witty sentences to drop in your marketing brochures and email campaigns

It’s About Writing With
Authority, Influence & Personality …

So your words make toes curl, spines tingle, purses (and wallets) open and fingers stretch forward to take action.

Make a call, click a link, download a freebie …


When you lace your business with words that sell, you get results like this:

  • “Apryl sprinkled a little fairy dust on my homepage and about page copy which has brought me 3 new clients …” – Jennifer Sterling, holistic nutritionist and movement therapist


  • “I was able to persuade the lender to approve my nearly $600,000 loan application … thanks to the professional business plan Apryl wrote for me …” Kendra Cook, bed & breakfast owner


  • “We won the contract with a Big 10 university – thanks to Apryl’s great proposal writing!” – Rula Hanania, sales director

Intrigued? Excited?
Ready to attract more clients, close more sales
and make your bank account extremely happy?

Get the Write Like a B.O.S.S. Guide (It’s Free!)


Who the Heck Am I?

I’m Apryl Beverly, word stylist, RFP/proposal magician and communications strategist. I’ve been known to turn quite a few “dull” pages of website copy, marketing content and sales proposals into toe-curling sentences strung together to get even skeptics and non-believers drinking your Kool-Aid.

Discover how to write with authority, influence and personality by downloading the guide.

You Are Wasting Your Time
& Turning Away Tons of Cash …

If you aren’t writing with the confidence, authority, influence and “swag”
to capture the hearts, minds and POCKETS of your audience.